Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Tags : Common Sense

Wiliam Internet Quiz - September 2012

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Tags : Common Sense

Every so often, we have an office Internet Quiz; we break into teams of four or five, no team to be entirely constituted of web developers, or web designers or web producers.

The quiz can be a little old-school (i.e. you've been designing websites for a while). It can certainly be tough in parts, especially as the questions attempt to cover things that developers and designers might have a chance of answering.

This said, for the odd grumble about its difficulty, I don't think any quiz has ever at least one team not score 75% or higher.

The prize for the winning team is usually a pub lunch; we've had a few ties, though we simply go into extra-time!

Anyway, last week's questions and answers. If you disagree with any, feel free to comment. 

  1. What does the Feedburner service do? And for a bonus point, who now owns it? RSS-feed aggregation and publishing service.
    Google now owns Feedburner.
  2. Where is Smashing Magazine based?
  3. Illustrator is the most popular vector-graphics graphic design software worldwide? What is the second most popular?
    Corel Draw.
  4. What is the name of the area in Google Plus where friends get together for a group video call?
  5. Last year, a despot government threatened to shut down Bitly? Who was this government? For a bonus point, why could they threaten this?
    Libya. It is their TLD.
  6. What does TLD stand for?
    Top Level Domain.
  7. How many layers of networking are there? For a bonus point, what is the fifth layer?
    There are seven layers of networking. The fifth layer is the Session Layer.
  8. In which country does Facebook traditionally test new features before rolling them out globally?
    New Zealand.
  9. What is the HTML5 tag to define keyboard input?
    < kyb >
  10. What is the name of the man behind sites such as Catch of the Day and Scoopon?
    Gabby Leibovich.
  11. What is Etsy and what does it sell?
    eCommerce website selling handmade and vintage items.
  12. What is Buzzfeed?
    A website that detects viral content, providing a snapshot of the ‘viral web in realtime’.
  13. JQuery is forking into two versions; one that supports IE 6/7/8 and one that does not. What are these two versions?
    1.9 and 2.0.
  14. The .NET based N2 CMS has how many tables in its DB?
    Four. (And no, we do not use or recommend it!)
  15. What is Amazon Prime?
    Free 2-day shipping and low cost next-day shipping for a flat annual fee.
  16. What is the largest travel website in the world?
  17. In the US, there is a startup that allows businesses to integrate its technology and start taking payments without a payment gateway. Who is this startup?
  18. GroupOn launched in Australia by buying out another player. Who?
  19. What is the ‘Completely Automated Public Turing test to test Computers and Humans Apart’ technology otherwise known as?
  20. In simple terms, what does the new European Cookie Law require a website to do?
    Get a user’s consent before placing a cookie on their computer.