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Successful Landing Pages

Tags : Web Design

Ever wondered why your websites conversion rate is low when you have quality products or services? Why aren't you getting enough leads? Well the answer could be very simple - users might not know how to buy the products or services you are selling, they might not know what to do and they need you to tell them what they need to do. The easiest way to fix this problem is a successful landing page.

A landing page is a one-pager that is separate from your website, it is a stand alone page for one sole purpose - to convert visitors into customers. It needs to be simple enough for the message to get across to your users within 5 seconds of viewing, therefore there needs to be a  big clear heading with no confusion as to what this page is about. 

Secondly there needs to be some supportive copy explaining the product or message you are trying to convey. The shorter the copy the better as a users attention span on the internet is very low. Calling out text by using italics, bold, a different colour or even bullet points would help the users scan the copy easier as well. As part of the supporting copy there needs to be a large call to action button, one that stands out amongst the background and other colours of the website. If all else fails, the button will direct the users to where you want them to go. This button is actually the most important part of the landing page and should be above the fold so it can't be missed.

Lastly, users are quite visual and a large image will not only help the aesthetics of the page but will also help solidify your message.

Your conversion rate will never be 100%, but with constant testing and monitoring you will be able to see how your users act and can then tailor your landing page to their patterns.