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Some interesting web stats at the end of July 2012

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Tags : Online Trends have a great weekly blog post where they round up the best and most interest digital and web stats and numbers for the week.

I guess I could just link you there, though my top-line take-outs and summary:

  • Don’t worry about the numbers; mobile is getting bigger with revenue from mobile search and discover (basically paid search and paid content in apps) will be worth $15bn a year by 2017.
  • Investment in digital is booming, with VC investment in the US reaching its highest level in a decade. Almost a third of it is in mobile and video, whilst social (thank goodness) is dropping.
  • eBay and PayPal have doubled their revenue through mobile in one year. Howzat!
  • iPad is the leading driver of mobile commerce by a long-shot, followed by iPhone and then Android.
  • The Google Search Results page continues to evolve and weight itself towards paid search. A search term for ‘credit cards’ has paid search (i.e. the part you can hardly visually differentiate these days) taking 51% of the page whilst natural search takes up 17%. 

    Good for Google, maybe not so good for you or me… whether browsing or trying to get found.

    Indeed, only 40% of Google’s visitors will see the first organic result. Don’t be evil Google. 

  •  Businesses use social and in increasingly so. Which is probably why social is becoming more and more of a yawn.

I’m not sure what you can take from all this except that the train the web is, keeps on moving forward.