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Redesign iOS7

Jeff Huang Team : Web Design Tags : Mobile Technology

I just shut down and put my windows phone back in the wardrobe when iOS7 came up. In the very first day I bought an iPhone and upgraded to iOS7 just because I love it. It reminds me of 3 years ago when I got the new windows phone 7 design guide when I was a WP7 app developer, a big step in the UI world.  

iOS7 blurred overlay



I love designs that play around with transparency, not only on websites or graphics, even in product design, package design, architecture..etc. In iOS7 the transparent has blurred the dynamic background ,that is we can see games,apps and animation behind a view that blurs it. I have never seen anything like this in any devices or websites before. There’s no way I can achive this in Expression studio or Adobe Flash. Even in Photoshop the most professional graphic editor, we can’t apply a single blurred transparent layer to achive this.  How has apple made this happen? It’s definitely another amazing element in iOS7!


Minimalism UI needs good transition to help enhance the interaction, iOS7 did very very well. The transition response is so great, so smooth and natural, that it lets me feel like I am really interacting with something real, which helps a lot on hints and sense what’s happening before and after. 

If I could make it better...

As a former windows phone user, I can see some spirits that iOS take from, but I think it should take more, otherwise it’s looks like people want to do something brave but shrink in the middle. I just do something that I think is a better design in my mind. Personally.

Everytime I try to call someone, I feel hardly can breathe, I think it came from the crowded design. Also I’m so afraid to hit the number zero in the number I’m going to call.

I just sent the screenshot to my iranian friend Aden, she seems not so happy with that.

Apple seems to assume that most people’s profile photos is vertical format and the face is sit on top area. But the truth is most of my friends on facebook centered their faces, especially those self-centered person. So I will make it square and it’s safe for portrait and horizontal format images as well. Also, fill up the dirty gap in the bottom.

(Lockscreen when music playing) Common! go full screen! And layer a 20% black on top for ensuring the text can be read.

Again, it’s just my personal opinion and the design I prefer.