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Mobile e commerce looking good

Edwin Antonian Team : Web Design Tags : Web Design Mobile Web

As retail (particulary fashion) e-stores are one of the most common things we look at on our mobiles, I thought why not list some of the best e-commerce mobile site designs out there at the moment. 

1. www.mrporter.com

This site combines a minimalistic design with a nice UX shopping cart. Flawless. 


2. shop.davidjones.com.au

Great to see one of the more conservative major Australian retailers embracing e-commerce. The site is simple in design, the only flaw appears to be the data management. When searching for Mens / Brand / Marcs Jacobs the site retrieves hand bags and perfume.


3. www.theiconic.com.au

This site has gone down the more visual route with largely images being used to reflect each category. The mobile site is a great example of what e-commerce website design can shoot for. It doesn't need to be boring and limited, it can be visually arresting! 

4. m.thefancy.com

Very nicely presented. As with most e-commerce sites, the products are the elements that bring colour and variance to the design.This technique is used particularly well here.