Google Tag Manager - FINALLY!

Producer A:  We have been asked by Marketing agency Z to add another tracking tag.

Developer X:  I swear producer A, If I get told to by another marketing agency to add in one more tag – I am going to scream!

(developer gets up from his desk, goes to the fridge – gets an energy drink, sits back down and sends various cat emails around the office procrastinating the ungodly task of tag management…..)

Marketing agency Z:  Guys… I have tested them – and they don’t work!

(Developer X Sends more cat email around the office… as  the tag does works, they are just testing the wrong one..)

If you understand web agencies, this is a common situation felt mostly by:  web marketing agencies, the beloved Production Departments, the Handsome Development departments and of course most importantly the clients…

And today it stops.

May I introduce Google Tag Manager

This is goggles new baby targeted at trying to keep every stakeholder of the web marketing industry happy. And it works.

The concept is based around putting the onus back onto the web marketing agency & client by giving them full control around tag management and tracking. It basically allows them to simply add the tags, goals – html snippets, tracking pixels etc etc  all by themselves!!

A perfect example is google analytics –

All a developer has to do is add the TagManger Container to a site then simply add the tag from the list of prebuilt tags Google has provided.