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eBay has a new logo

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Tags : Web Design

I’d never paid too much attention to eBay’s logo.

It's been around forever and it's instantly recognisable.

It is one of the oldest and hard-working Internet brands, and one that has lasted the distance where very few have: it is afterall, older than Google and up-there with Yahoo and Amazon: 

After-all, the brand is ‘eBay’ and less so its logo; as a user, I need only take a cursory glance to know that I’m looking at eBay and its site.:So this morning, I’ve paid a bit more attention… with the launch of eBay’s new logo:

First impressions?


  • It reminds me of the typeface used in the Macy’s and new Microsoft logos.
  • It continues the almost-typical-Internet-logo colour-scheme of bright, primaryish colours: think Google, think Chrome, think Microsoft.
  • It moves away from the flea-market feel and fun of the old logo.
  • It marks the end of an era, when Internet businesses were young and naive.


As a friend of mine – who worked for eBay for a few years – said, it’s soulless.

Sadly, I have to agree.