Business benefits of Adaptive Designs

Firstly, what is adaptive design? It's a term that is getting thrown around a lot lately and is definitely a hot topic. Adaptive web design refers to a website which responds or adapts to the platform you are viewing it in. For example, if you view on your desktop and mobile phone, what you will see is the same information but in a different layout, note that the URL stays the same (i.e. there is no mobile version). Basically adaptive websites are developed to provide a greater experience to all audience accessing them. Adaptive web designs are also one website design, rather than multiple for each platform.

So what are the business benefits of having an adaptive website design? Well firstly your web design and development team can focus on all their time on optimising your company website instead of designing and developing multiple versions. Your team can focus on the greater experience for your clients.

It is statistically known that mobiles viewers have a higher conversion rate and lower bounce rate when viewing an optimised website. I know that when i view a site on my mobile, I prefer it to be optimised and will only use a non optimised one in an emergency.

Another big benefit for having an adaptive website design is essentially you do not need to spend money developing an app for all different devices (i.e. Android, iPhone, iPads etc). It lowers your overhead costs as well as future proofs your website for other devices yet to come.

If your website is not optimised for mobile users at the least, you are definitely falling behind and potentially losing customers and viewers. So act now and have your website optimised.