Web design for maximum conversion

One of the key goals of a website for businesses is to engage users and to maximse the conversion rate. A conversion of a visitor can be many things, some examples include newsletter opt in, sales enquiry or document download.

Google has launched a beta tool Website Optimizer  that allows web designers to test the best layout for their landing page. The tool reports on each of the different page layouts and assist web designers to choose the specific layout for the page that will provide the highest conversion rate.

Visitors to a Google Website Optimizer website will view different layouts each time they visit the website. This combination of layouts are set by web designers and web developers of your business.

The tool is available free to all Adwords advertisers.

The Google Website Optimizer (beta) offers overview demos and startup guides.  Essentially if you are interested in testing your landing page design with the tool, you will need to do the following:

  • Identify a test page, to test how different layouts affect the conversion rate. For example changing the heading or image on a page can potentially affect the conversion rate.

  • Identify a conversion page, this is the page which adds value to you business, i.e. sales lead, subscription or registration.

  • Consult with your web design or web developer to integrate the additional javascript code to track conversions and change layouts.