Web Design Melbourne Style

There’s no doubt about it, Melbourne is an inspiring city!
The capital of Victoria (VIC) might get snubbed a bit by it’s sunnier counterparts for being rainy and grey lots of the time, but they obviously have not made the effort to scratch the surface.

In any creative job, whether it’s copywriting or web design or whatever, you can find yourself lacking instant inspiration. Ask any web designer or creative artist, they’ll probably have a couple of “hit the wall” stories.

So what do you do?  A good place to start, if it’s really not coming to you, is checking out some of the cool web design galleries, like “Most Inspired” or “Web Creme”...  But considering the state of mind you’re in, it could end up being more frustrating than inspiring (Why didn’t I think of that? I wish I had designed that site...).  If you’re really stuck, why not just take a walk, look around, discover new things... Visit one of the excellent coffee spots in Melbourne... Or better yet, hop in to Magnation, or an excellent coffee and lounge while flipping through the colourful magazines... You’ll definitely get an inspirational recharge there!

The best web site designs really plug into the world of the potential visitor...  Trying to figure out what they are interested in, besides the product or service you are trying to highlight in the design, can really help you communicate with them visually, and ensure a positive user experience.

What’s the result?  Have a look at our web design portfolio...
From Sydney to Melbourne, and all across Australia, we can offer your visitors an engaging user experience.