What is User Generated Content?

What is User Generated Content?

 User Generated Content runs under the notion that the internet is a shared space for all to enjoy and Web 2.0 supports the concept that users have a real sense of ownership over such a vast space. At Wiliam web design we believe this creates a very detailed and personal experience, ensuring users feel they have a connection with others using Web 2.0 technologies.

Web 2.0 technology has revolutionised how we perceive and utilize the internet today. Gone are the days where the internet was a read only, one way medium. Today, posting text, graphics and videos is instant, quick and easy. Web 2.0 is not only about linking information; it’s about connecting people with brands.

We consider the key to featuring user generated content on your web site, is giving users a reason to participate. Companies need to focus their web site content on the needs and desires of their target demographic. In order to successfully achieve user participation, it is a must to create the impression of an ‘inner circle’ with users, offering a highly personalised experience.

This subsequently encourages them to submit their own content, creating a sense of user ownership.

Wiliam’s commitment in constructing easy to use, user generated content features on web sites is evident with one of our long standing clients Mogenic. One of the internets largest gay youth portals, mogenic.com features user generated profiles with the ability to post photos, message other members, browse other profiles, submit blogs and articles.

This ensures that members strongly identify with the site because portions of the content are written by members for members to relate and comment on.

Wiliam is currently developing 3 other large Web 2.0 community projects, which are set to revolutionise and transform how users perceive social networking portals.

What is Social Bookmarking?

User-generated content uses Social Bookmarking to bring a raw human element to a technological concept – the desire to connect with other likeminded individuals. We believe it is a simple but powerful platform amongst an ever changing web culture.

Social Bookmarking allows users to ''mark'' web pages, just like adding a bookmark for themselves, but submitting them through central services, and leaving comments and notes for others to refer to.

This grants users the opportunity to express diverse viewpoints about information in a casual structure. Over time, sites are constantly marked and enormous collections of user generated bookmarks are collected, consequentially creating a ranking system that operates as a collaborative filter.

This then allows these bookmarks to be searched by anyone by simply uploading them to Social Bookmarking services, such as free web-based platforms del.icio.us and digg.

Each time social bookmarks are uploaded to a service, a link is generated to your web site directly to the Social Bookmarking web service.

Wiliam developed the Gadget Guy's web site with this specific purpose in mind. The site was developed to strengthen the Gadget Guy’s brand, sustain marketing pull and to assist consumers in purchasing, using and enjoying ‘gadgets’.

The success of the web site rests on the focus of user participation. Consumers can browse videos, blogs, articles and reviews in relation to any retail technological product. Users can also receive RSS feeds about products. All articles feature the ability to bookmark via different services, boosting traffic to the site by tactically using a variety of mainstream facilities such as myweb by Yahoo, digg and del.icio.us.

Larger, consumer focused, social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace, rely on Social Bookmarking to achieve their brand domination throughout the Web 2.0 domain.
The most important thing to remember when utilising user generated content and Social Bookmarking is that the internet has become such an instantaneous platform that it breeds change.

Don’t be afraid to try different techniques and find one that suits your specific marketing strategies. With the right strategy, attracting substantial traffic to your web site will ensure it to be constant.