Jeff Huang Team : Web Design

Typography emotion

Jeff Huang Team : Web Design

When designing a website, we need to consider legibility and readability of fonts, but it’s more important to choose a right font that represent your company’s personality. Typography not only have the power to affect overall appearance but also play a big role in triggering emotions - font have their own voice tone. 

Why it matters?

People read texts on website and interact with them, an right font enhance user experience and communication, which influence the way people response and make decision, then eventually finish a task like buying an health insurance from you – It mean typography affect your revenue. 

Emotion test

Let’s do a simple test, which font will you use when you say “I love you” and “I hate you”?  That’s probably why you don’t have a girlfriend, you use a wrong font, a wrong attitude.



Some people use very plain voice, seems they just want to make a statement. It’s safe, but it may sounds boring, too. Helvetica is the best choice for the case , that’s the reason why Helvetica is so popular...