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3 Smart Ways to Use Twitter for Business

Tags : Twitter
There is plenty of interest in Twitter these days as a viable means of conducting business. Here is a small list of ways that businesses can use Twitter for commercial gain and marketing initiatives:
1. Customer service monitoring
People naturally want to discuss good and bad (mainly bad) experiences with brands and services. Twitter provides the perfect platform for people to cry out for help or shout to the world with joy. Why not use Twitter to actively monitor your consumer sentiment in the market? It gives you a chance to respond in a timely manner to people with complaints and can be seen as a proactive response to customer complaints and questions.
2. Identifying market trends
Learning what your customers talk about and discuss on social media can help you identify and group trends within that of your target market. By actively following users within your demographic, it will soon be clear what kind of websites they are visiting, what they talk about and why. This kind of information is invaluable when creating your next marketing campaign and will help you identify trends and prevalent issues in your community of users.
3. Connecting with customers
Twitter allows for the companies to connect with customers. You can keep an eye on this via searching for your brand name or products in the Twitter search (openly available to even people who aren’t joined), it may just open your eyes to some unknown bits of information and help you identify how best to interact with your customers. Actively engaging with your users, rather than just following can help build your brands equity on social media platforms. The general rule of thumb is that you need to contribute to your community, not just take from it.