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Tweet to Eat

Dallas Karrasch Team : Web Operations Tags : Online Trends

A social experiment in India for KFC is kind of a good idea… but do we really need more tweets spamming up our space? 

Some items from their menu were broken out into tweet currency with a hashtag of #KFCWOW. 29 tweets got you a Potato Krisper or a Lime Soda Krusher. 65 tweets gets you a OMG roller or Brownie Blast. 

Sounds like a cool idea. But the general opinion is that it actually creates a negative brand sentiment – spamming the twitterverse just upsets people more than get them excited about saving a few dollars. Basically, your friends have to put up with a blast of irrelevant tweets so you can get a free bit of chicken!

Apparently it also violates the Twitter Spam Guidelines. 

These types of experiments always sound like a good idea to the marketing guys sitting around the boardroom table. The Woolworths ANZAC memories is a great example. Trying too hard playing the social game usually ends in disaster for these brands.

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