There are two types of streaming media (live and archived)

Live Streaming – If you are having an event with limited capacity and want to expand it out to a greater audience this could be what you need. It will make consumers feel more connected and also more involved. More companies are using live streaming as a method to connect with the target audience.

Some examples are:

  1. Annual Investor Day for shareholders who cannot attend the venue to still be able to listen to performance and results of the company. Telstra uses webcasts for this purpose and this helps them reach a large audience. View here.
  2. To launch a new product. Nike recently held a live streaming webcast for the launch of the NikeID custom shoe creator 


Live streaming can also enable viewers to participate by letting them ask questions, chat, respond to polls in real time. It also opens oppourtunities for viewers to watch things which wouldn’t normally be available for them to watch due to TV networks not covering these events. 

Archived Streams – Just yesterday we were talking about how popular video is becoming on the internet we reminded ourselves of a one hit wonder “video killed the radio star” revising the song slightly gives us the modern version “Video streaming killed the podcast star”.

A lot popular podcasts have moved to a video medium (vodcasts) to increase and involve viewers more. There are now sites which have massive communities which just post links to videos which have been released on other websites is one example of this. If you are creating a steady amount of archived streams you will find it helps to have these available via an RSS feed or a channel.

Retail stores are also offering more video content to help engage the consumer. Clothing retailer have videos of models in the items of clothing which can be purchased. This lets the consumer see what the product looks like when worn something which you cannot normally do when buying online.

The one thing I cannot emphasize enough is to make your video marketing campaign professional and engaging. All of these examples have a great engagement for the targeted viewer. What do you think?