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The Wiliam Internet Quiz: The Last of 2011

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Tags : Web Design

We have a few Wiliam Internet Quizzes every year.

We huddle into teams of four or five; teams mixed with designers, developers, producers and everything in-between.

The last quiz of the year was one of the tougher. It needs pretty broad knowledge of all things online.

Test your own knowledge.

The Questions

1. What is Amazon Prime? What does it cost? (2 points)

2. Who is the (primary) man behind Wikipedia?

3. The top two retail eCommerce websites in the world are Amazon and eBay. Who is third?

4. What is the name of Google’s video format that competes with H264?

5. When is HTML5 meant to be ratified by?

6. What is/was Gopher?

7. What does HELO mean in relation to SMTP?

8. In February of this year, a well-known and popular Australian chain of bath-time products and cosmetics had its website hacked and customer credit card details leaked?

9. Apple had its own closed online community (designed around a city) years ago? It was similar to CompuServe? What was it? Other than Apple’s failed community and CompuServe, what were the other two online leading, closed Internet communities before the WWW took over?

10. One of the ACT’s largest ISPs was recently purchased. Who is this ISP? For a bonus point, who purchased them?

11. What is retargeting? 

12. According to Nielsen in October 2011, do Australian men or women look at more average pages per month?

13. Twitter unveiled something pretty big yesterday (December 10, 2011)?

14. What is AirBNB?

15. Three browsers have lost market share since the beginning of the year?

16. You can integrate the Skype API with a website?

17. To open all permissions on a Unix/Linux box, what would the setting be?

18. Up until 2008, NetRegistry ran a web server technology that was not Apache or IIS. What was it?

19. From December 2011, for how many years does Facebook have to agree to 2-yearly privacy audits from America’s FTC?

20. What is the Acid 3 test?


1. Unlimited fast shipping, FREE two-day shipping, one day for $3.99. BONUS POINT: Membership is US$79.

2. Jimmy Wales.

3. Alibaba.

4. WebM.

5. 2014.

6. Gopher was an alternative to WWW, albeit that it did not support links. It was effectively a distributed information retrieval system where users could search across different Gopher installations.

7. It is where two SMTP mail servers handshake and literally say, ‘Hello’.

8. Lush.

9. eWorld. BONUS TWO POINTS: Prodigy and AOL.


11. Dropping a cookie on a user’s browser and then serving ads to them on supported websites outside of the initiating website in an effort to bring the user back to the initiating website; it is why ads and brands chase you around the web.

12. Even though men spend 74 hours online versus 69 hours for women, women look at more pages: 2,836 versus 3,017 for women.

13. Twitter launched its redesign. 

14. AirBNB is a unique accommodation website where people can list different and interesting short-term rentals to travelers.

15. IE, Opera and Firefox. Mainly at the hands of Chrome. 

16. Skypekit.

17. 777.

18. Zeus.

19. 20 years.

20. Acid3 is a test from the Web Standards Project that checks a web browser’s compliance with elements of various web standards, particularly and DOM (Document Object Model) and JavaScript.