Dallas Karrasch Team : Web Operations

The Ringly cocktail ring transfers wearable technology from the wrist to the finger!

Dallas Karrasch Team : Web Operations

Ladies, how many times have you missed a call or a text because your phone is sitting at the bottom of your bag and you haven’t heard it ringing, binging or dinging? 

Having lunch with friends – damn, missed that call you’ve been waiting for all morning!

Out of the office – damn, didn’t hear the meeting reminder and now you’re going to be late!

Well, Ringly (ringly.com) had you in mind when it created their cocktail ring.

The ring connects you to your smartphone, via Bluetooth, and notifies you when your phone rings or emails, texts, tweets etc are received by buzzing and flashing according to your personalised set up.

The ring itself comes in a variety of different-coloured gemstones – each one hand cut and unique – with rhodium-plated or matte 18K gold-plated finishes. A LED light sits at the side of the ring whilst beneath the gemstone lies the technology.

The ring charges inside the ring box in which it arrives — a handy case with a two small metal connectors and Micro USB power connection out the back. A full battery charge takes about three hours and will last a day (nightly recharges required)

Once charged, it’s pretty simple - download the Ringly app and connect to Bluetooth. Use the app to manage your notifications - five different ‘flash’ colours to choose from, four different patterns. For example, a phone call could make the ring pulse four times and the LED flash blue. A tweet could pulse once and flash red.

With no display, you cannot tell who is behind the update, but by adding priority contacts in the app, customised notifications can be delivered to your ring.

The ring is water-resistant, so washing your hands is not an issue but it is not waterproof.

As the Ringly cannot be resized, choosing the right size is essential. With the heavy stone making the ring floppy and prone to coming off your finger, sizing down may be the way to go.

So if you want jewellery that combines fashion and technology (and you want to keep you phone in your bag!) this statement piece might just be for you.