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The 5 year overhaul - web design & SEO

Tags : Web Design

A valued client of ours, The Barn Office Furniture has recently engaged us to redo their homepage and SEO efforts after we originally completed their websites over five years ago.

In this time, they have established themselves as a clear industry leader in online sales of office furniture. Daily they clear large volumes of sales at totals you and me would die for.

This is a prime example of a client who understood the power of the internet, the ability for it to drive business growth and the sort of investment that is required to achieve this.

Like most things, time changes a lot of factors with websites. The Barn has grown into such a super power in office furniture that they now have a whole new set of business and user requirements. This is partly shown by the lack of consistency in their current website after having retro-fitted large volumes of bespoke elements to keep up with their requirements.

Now the second time around, we have a concept that has proven itself – both profitable and doable – making this phase two of web design & SEO an exciting and beneficial one. We are aiming to increase conversion, increase traffic and make the website consistent right through the buying cycle – from user introduction to user purchase.

The Barn really are an industry leader, so in turn will benefit from this 5 year face lift to back up their market position. Like many websites, five years seems to go very quickly – though similar to technology in general, each year brings with it new advancements and knowledge, making this facelift a timely and exciting opportunity for The Barn.