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The Content Omniverse

Bess Batterham Team : Web Operations Tags : Web Strategy

The Internet is made up of different type of content, which can be broken down into sections such as copy, images and, video. When using the Internet the majority of your time is spent creating and digesting content. There is obviously an abundance of content floating about in cyber-space, but the hard figures and the amount of content that is being readily shared is amazing.  

The content omniverse can be broken down into four sections; social sharing, video, image, and copy. The below figures, borrowed from CopyPress, show how ever-expanding the Internet really is.

The Social Sharing Universe 

  • 800+ million Facebook users with 200 million joining in 2011 alone. 
  • Twitter has 225 million users with 2011 seeing 250 million tweets per day
  • Wordpress has 70 million users, tumblr has 39 million while relatively new social photo sharing website Pinterest has a nice 10 million users. 

The Video Content Universe 

  • YouTube has 800+ million unique monthly visits, where 72 hours of video is uploaded and 700 videos are being tweeted every minute.
  • In 2011 YouTube had 1 trillion views, that's 140 views for every single person on Earth. 
  • Vimeo has 65 million unique monthly visits with 15% of its traffic coming from mobile devices

The Image Content Universe

  • 3,000 photos per second are uploaded to Facebook among its 800+ million users
  • 60 photos per second are uploaded to Instagram among its 14 million users
  • 52 photos per second are uploaded to Flickr among its 51 million users

The Copy Content Universe

  • The indexed web contains at least 7.38 billion pages 
  • on an average day sees 500,000 new posts and 400,000 new comments
  • 123 million Americans read the newspapers online