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Current web stats and some that surprise me

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Tags : Online Trends

I’ve written many a quick blog on web stats as I get them; this blog is no different, except for a few things that surprise and a few things that reaffirm the tragegtory of the web and how it changes, destroys and creates models and assumptions constantly.

Thanks to econsultancy for the fodder.

  • Bing and Yahoo (essentially powered by Bing) have the highest proportion of ‘successful searches’, with 84% and 86%.
  • This compares to Google at 76% though this is explained by the fact that Google delivers relevant search information and data at a results level... which based on my experience - think Wikipedia and results - is true. 
  • Tip: If you want the answer to something, search ‘define: and then your search query’ into Google and you’re likely 75% of the way there.
  • According to a survey of UK consumers, half of them are open or even enthusiastic to SMS offers from retailers... especially retailers they know. 
    • I fall into this category. I have purchased because of offers from retailers I know. (Oxford is the only menswear chain in North Sydney where I work and I have wondered down plenty of times with my loyalty card because of an SMS offer: 25% today only etc.).
  • The iPhone domiantes SmartPhone traffic. No suprise here: 61% in UK traffic to eCommerce websites.
  • iPad remains dominant in tablet traffic though Kindle and Nexus (both Android) growing and fast: 10%.
  • CPMs in advertising continue to drop - essentially, the price an advertiser pays per 1,000 ads. Including so in video ads. Increase in inventory, I suspect a reflection equally of poor performance... when did you last click an ad? Banners are dead. 
  • Ads on mobile devices are just as influential as ads on websites. Just below TV.
  • M-commerce - commerce on your mobile device - will boom in coming years. No news here.
  • Though news here... apparently, despite everything doomsday, Facebook eCommerce (fCommerce) is also booming. Revenue in UK fCommerce websites up 38% in the last quarter (Q2) with stores operated up 26%.
  • eCommerce websites with a traditional and fCommerce website grew fCommerce as a proportion from 5% to 22% of total sales in the quarter. 
    • Which really surprises me on all levels... though excite at the same time. Makes sense, not.

Anyway, the latest stats as I have them. A bit UK focused though all good.