Centered Logos in Web Design

Initially I was very opposed to this new trend. I was always taught that a logo should go in the top left hand corner of a website. It was all based on the theory that a users eye goes from left to right when viewing a site; therefore the logo (which is the most important part of branding) should be one of the first things a user sees.

The more I think about placing the logo in the center, the more I ask myself why not? Centering the logo is a very efficient way of creating visual balance. It also can make responsiveness of a website easier.

There are a few articles online that suggest the logo should stay in its usual place, left hand side, as is it provides an alternate home link. I think if the logo is centered within navigation, it can still serve the same purpose even if that disturbs the ‘logical’ menu progression of most important to least important.  The logo is firstly there as branding and secondly as an alternative link to the homepage.

I have loosened up to the idea as have some of our clients so keep your eyes peeled for a new Wiliam designed website with a centered logo coming soon!

Have a look at these sites showcasing centered logos:

What do you think about this new trend? We'd love to hear your thoughts!