Stop Wasting Time Offline

A few months ago on the Saturday before the American Superbowl I headed to New Jersey to meet with Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV fame. I was there to record a video for his daily wine video which is filmed at his Wine Store and is watched by tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of people each day.

Since then, I watch Gary’s videos both on and his own video blog at . Late in 2008, Gary recorded a video called “You down with ROI” which is about ditching offline and moving to online. Gary’s video would have to be one of the best videos I’ve ever seen on why companies should ditch untrackable marketing activities such as newspapers, magazines radio and TV in favour for online marketing.

Gary’s message is simple, don’t reduce your online marketing; move it to online. Some of the topics Gary talks about are Twitter, Google Adsense, blogging and social media marketing to create engagement. If you’re sceptical of online marketing then you need to watch this video because by the end of it you’ll get why it’s so important to move online.

Quickly take a look around online and you’ll soon see that Gary’s been very successful at marketing his wine store and himself online, and there is no doubt that if you took a similar focus and strategy to your online activities you could achieve the same result.

Gary is an evangelist for his brand Wine Library TV, he lives, eats, breathes and even drinks Wine Library TV. Do you evangelise your brand online like Gary? Do you represent your brand or are you still investing in untrackable marketing activities such as newspapers, magazines radio and TV to build your brand ? It all starts are your brand’s website and moves out from there into other areas.