Starting Email Marketing

Email Marketing has much to offer a company’s marketing program. It is an instantaneous, low-cost, and Green direct promotional method.

Getting started may seem as simple as sending emails to every Internet address in your company’s database or by purchasing a list. However, effective email marketing is a more complex approach than it may first appear.

Successful email campaigns begin with the potential customer opting in. By asking potential customers and customers to provide an email address to receive special offers and information, the receptiveness to the campaigns have been established. This act of permission sets a company’s marketing efforts clearly apart from Spam.

Once a mailing list is compiled, there is the question of purpose. Direct promotional emails should be targeted to persuading new and existing customers to buy again or to enhance customer relationships with offers and information about products that are not readily available in other venues. Over time, this will build the read/respond rate of your emails markedly.

As an email campaign is assembled, remember that one of its key benefits is the information it provides due its electronic nature. Constructed well, marketers can track emails from recipient all the way through the purchase. Combined with data about bounced messages, unsubscribes, read-receipts, and the like, email campaigns can be iteratively improved to success rates that traditional mail campaigns never reach.