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Rogelio Choy from eBay talks about Skype

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Tags : Technology

This week, Rogelio Choy, manager of eBay's Live Auctions business discussed Skype on his blog. Rogelio is responsible for marketing, business development, product vision, and the day-to-day operations of eBay.


His discussion was related to a visit to eBay by Lenn Pryor, head of Skype's developer program who gave an outline of the Skype platform. Lenn pointed out some pretty amazing facts including 55 million users, 171 million downloads, users in every country in the world.


Also part of the discussion Rogelio talks about Skype working with third party developers on products such as;


  • Festoon adds video and sharing to your Skype experience.
  • Jyve is community built around the use of Skype
  • SkypeForce allows intergration between Skype and