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RIP Nokia… and Microsoft

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Tags : Technology Mobile Technology

I don’t write too many blogs that aren’t about web design, though I do have a real interest and mobile and tech generally.

The imminent death of Blackberry is often a (quick) point of discussion in meetings. Quick, because the facts are written and nobody sees the Blackberry ship turning around.

As so many of the pillars of technology have shown us, they fall quickly and they fall without much obvious forewarning.

This MySpace.

Or Yahoo, albeit that it remains a slow dying zombie of the Internet, one held up by a trillion web pages floating in the Google index, a relatively large webmail product, Yahoo Answers and a who knows what.

Back to MySpace though, here is a great blog I read today on Nokia and its imminent death. It argues well that Nokia had one shot left, took the boldest being its adoption of Windows Phone 7 (not a bad product by any definition) and that shot failed.

They bet the house and they lost the house.

Sad in one sense. After all, who wasn’t a Nokia fan at some stage?

Unfortunately, telling of how quickly technology and trends change.

The other interesting read however was a blog in Forbes on the death of Microsoft. These blogs aren’t new, though this one argues why the decline has set in, based on historical events and companies.

I love the look of the new Surface tablet, though apparently that will be just one milestone on the way down to Chinatown.

(Personally, I reckon Facebook will see the next run on its money, though that’s just me…)