Jeff Huang Team : Web Design


Jeff Huang Team : Web Design

Do you have any article which you really want to keep it and print it out on paper, but the result of the printed page looks freakin crap which even not be readable? Heaps of website nowadays seems don’t provide a print stylesheet anymore. People read on digital devices more often than before. 

Our client Mecardo, who provide analysis and wide range of market information from Meat & Livestock, subscribers on the website will print those data very often.


It’s just few lines of CSS codes but make a big difference.

Just imagine how a website content adapted on a paper? We probably don’t need the header or footer contains a lot of navigation and login stuff, (They’re useless on paper anyway), and the video and advertisings…etc. We just want to show the REAL content whatever matters on the page and get rid of extra stuff and those fancy styling. Try to use as much of page as possible, let content float in full page wide and make text more readable by modifying fonts and colours.

Print CSS probably is one of the careless thing on the internet but hey people! He’s a true friend of we humans!