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The 2005 Top 10 Most Defining Moments in Television and Radio: #1 Podcasting

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Tags : Business

In Monday’s The Sydney Morning Herald’s The Guide (a well written television and radio weekly entertainment guide), the lead article (Agony and Ecstasy Sue Javes, Michael Idato and Greg Hassall) focuses on the 10 most defining moments of 2005 in radio and television.

With the tagline It has been a year of upheaval in radio and one of the bloodiest in television, the list is led by Podcasting (Podcasting changes the way we listen to radio) and the fundamental changes inevitable to commercial, live and local radio as a result of the expotential and recent growth of podcasting.

The ABC’s Triple J FM Station is given as an example of the very pervasive power of podcasting and its already impressive reach: Triple J was the first radio station in Australia to offer its shows as podcasts and by year end, the ABC was reporting 300,000 weekly downloads across its networks.

Austereo followed later in the year.

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