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Consult your doctor if pain persists

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Tags : Business

Uh oh.

From Techdirt, it seems that people are becoming sick of the Internet according to two recent studies. This doesn’t mean that punters are turning their backs entirely, but certain aspects of online life – especially the less enjoyable aspects – are causing people to think twice.

In the first study, it was found that people are a lot less trusting of online transactions (eCommerce) and are actually cutting back on their online purchases. This can be argued as a good thing because it makes people more questioning, more skeptical, and thus, more likely to avoid scams and the like.

The second study – albeit without an explanation for the reasoning behind the study – found that people increasingly find internet-based communications less personal. Text messaging, email and web.

People want to occasionally hear a voice on the phone, and view companies and individuals that overtly utilise internet-based communications as avoiding real communication.

Maybe, maybe not. It just depends on what you believe overtly to be.

When picking up the telephone is warranted, so be it. But internet-based communications have their place and personally, I’ll opt for an email over a phone call where possible.

Sure its less personal, but its convenient, on the record and doesn’t pause for a waffle about the weather. It does however give pause for companies developing second-generation websites to consider just how they communicate online, and at what point they pick up the phone.