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Radio and Magazines, eat Online dust.

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Tags : Business

Online advertising is still ten years away from attracting the advertising revenues of newspapers. And add another five years before it catches the dominant advertising medium, television.

The news is not so good for magazines and radio however, with the surging growth of the Internet as an online advertising medium putting it well within striking distance and the third force in advertising in the next year or so.

Better still; the surging growth in online advertising spending is sustainable according to the authors of a recent report cited in yesterday’s Sydney Morning Herald, Frost & Sullivan.

The article, (Online ads to take over radio, magazines Christian Catalano) makes the valid point that the key growth driver behind online is broadband, and its continuing penetration into Australian households and businesses.

Says media buyer Harold Mitchell, "I was there in 2000 and this time the difference is that internet usage is for real. It no longer is just other dotcommers using the internet. This time it's real companies; the marketers have learnt how to use it and I think it's for real."