Dallas Karrasch Team : Web Operations

One day sale profits that last all year

Dallas Karrasch Team : Web Operations

Like me, were you sitting just waiting, waiting, waiting for your favourite retail website to come up on Black Friday? Cyber Monday?

(Never got through to ASOS in the end – too impatient!)

Well, according to econsultancy.com, Cyber Monday was the biggest online shopping day in the US in history! No wonder the UK retailers jumped on the wagon this year….

According to Adobe data, online sales were up 16% on 2013 - coming in at US$2.65Bn (US$9.6bn (!!) over the whole weekend Thurs 27 Nov – Mon 1 Dec)

The online marketplace winner, per ChannelAdvisor, appears to be Amazon - with sales up a staggering 77% year on year (YoY) on Black Friday and 31% on Cyber Monday.

Mobile commerce accounted for 19% of the weekend sales with Apple devices still dominating this space but losing market share to Androids.

Did UK online retailers fare as well over the weekend you may well ask?

Well yes, they did! With 180m visits and an estimated spend of £810m on Black Friday, online traffic was up 60% YoY. Cyber Monday was a little slower with 161m visits (& an estimated spend of £720m) but still exceeded expectations.
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So will I try again next year? Mmmm…I’ve got another 358 days to think about it…