Mobile web still brings hope for Google+

You thought it was all over for Google+, but a recent Computerworld story argues  otherwise. The mobile internet might yet be the upstart social network's saving grace. 

You thought it was all +1 buttons and fairytales, but you might have noticed that Google is strategically rolling out the G+ umbrella to not-so-subtly annexe all of its properties. Well, thanks to Google's widespread adoption as the "cloud" of choice for syncing Android devices, when combined with Google Search, Gmail, Calendar and Youtube, there's the potential for a "powerful network effect" if you throw Google+ for mobile into the mix.

And that same cross-pollination could still see the web behemoth’s NFC-based mobile payment solution - Google Wallet - ascend to greatness too.

So before you ditch your +1 buttons and write Google+ off entirely, give it some thought. 

Alright maybe you could lose the +1 buttons. Who’s ever clicked one anyway? 

But you could do worse than adding Google sign-in to your site – the desktop version and your mobile presence. 

At worst, you’ll increase sign-ups. At best, you’ll already be on board when the G train rolls out of the station.