No. I don't want your app. I want your (mobile) website.

The traditional web – the web we view on our desktops – has certainly turned into somewhat of a car crash with the 'mobile' web we want to see on our phones.

It reflects the transition from accessing websites exclsuively on our desktops to now accessing websites more and more on our phones and tablets.

We have mobile websites. Sometimes.

We see the traditional, desktop website. Most of the time.

Sometimes – though rarely still – we see an adaptive/responsive website which demonstrates the current, ultimate solution: essentially, a website designed for any screen-size and browser, dynamically redressed (or dressed) depending on where you access the website.

And then there's the app option.

Those websites that offer the option of downloading their 'app' rather than taking you to their website (and web page) as you initially asked for.

Invariably, none of us ask or want the app.

The app will suck on all levels.

It will be an incomplete, poor interpretation of the website we asked for in the first place.

It will have cheap ads to support its existence.

To add insult to injury, click 'No Thanks' and you're taken to the homepage of the website you're trying to access; not the page you wanted.

The homepage!

I don't even need to see the analytics of websites running this trick of asking users to download their app.

I – we – don't want your app.

We didn't ask for it, we don't even know who you are and we don't have any thought to form such a relationship that we will 'install' you on our phone.

Just build a mobile website.

And in doing so, get the advantage of me being on your website (and the page I asked for) longer than the time it takes to hit 'back'.