Reasons to Consider a Microsite Strategy

Microsites can be a great way to focus on an issue or product and deliver targeted messages. Some hints and reasons to consider microsite strategy:

Focused Message
Each microsite can be positioned to serve a specific segment of your overall market; the content within each can be focused on one core concept or product category. Visitors to microsites are not distracted with navigation and information that’s not directly relevant to their reasons for being there in the first place. Whether your objective be branding, conversions or leads generation this focused attention and strategy can provide a powerfull solution

Great SEO
The more focused the content of a site, the easier it is for the search engines to deliver qualified traffic to it. Search engines love unambiguous, niche level content with great relevancy and key word density – it makes their objective of delivering relevant search results all the more easier.

Domain Name Strategy
Microsites can each be assigned keyword rich domain names in line with their marketplace positioning. Search engines place weight in the keywords within a website’s URL when serving results for specific keyword queries. Whist Wiliam does not normally drive domain name strategies they can be a great part of an overall SEO

Exceptional Design Opportunities
The look and feel of a microsite can be tailored to appeal directly to its target audience. By contrast, one-size-fit-all websites are broadly designed to appeal to every possible user persona that might visit. This focus means your design team can really go all out to appeal to the audience!

Give an aspect of your business the website real estate it deserves
Microsites show that as a business you are serious about devoting resources to this particular offering or location. This can improve conversions and is great for building client confidence. Your websites specialisation is a representation of your focus.

Localise Content
Focusing microsites on geographic regions can be a great way to localise your offering and improve conversions.

So microsites can be considered another powerful string in your online marketing strategy bow. If think microsites may be a relevant strategy for you just remember, like anything on the web, it’s all about execution! Rather than building yet another ill conceived, poorly executed microsite about a subject that has no audience utilise the services of a reputable digital agency to assist you to plan and execute a microsite strategy that achieves success!