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Merry Christmas and thanks Daft Punk.

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Tags : Business

It’s Christmas again.

And although things aren’t exactly winding down, we’re seeing the annual Wiliam traditions kickoff as they always do this time of year.

It’s our Christmas Party this afternoon which means the ‘You’re a Star’ Awards. Awards that recognise those that have kicked arse over the year. We have four to give out this afternoon and they are very, very well deserved.

Eggnog starts next week. We offer everyone – clients especially – a warm or cold eggnog (with Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum) from 9am. No better way to start the day.

Probably the office’s favourite tradition however, is the Wiliam t-shirt. A t-shirt that sums up our mood at the time – normally mid-November – when we vote on the design.

Every year, I write a blog about our Christmas T-Shirt.

Last year’s was an nod to the house music that is continually playing throughout the office.

This year’s is all about process. Web design process. 

This year, we borrowed from Daft Punk’s great song, Technologic.

The song has a pretty catchy and snappy beat, following a constant pattern:

Buy it, use it, break it, fix it.

Trash it, change it, mail – upgrade it.


So Wiliam’s t-shirt of 2011:

Sell it, plan it, spec it, sketch it.

Slice it, build it, launch – relaunch it.


And great artwork from Joe, our Creative Director.



Thanks to our clients in 2011. You have been collectively great. I cannot think of a better years.

Though special thanks to the entire Wiliam team. You have been great. Awesome. I love coming into work every morning.

It’s a funny, talented and awesome place to work.