Like it? Send it!

Facebook's Like button is the poster child for the social web. Recently, new kid on the block Google +1 has tried to muscle in on the action. These easy-to-add widgets are great for telling the world that you recommend a news article, a great-value daily deal or any other content on the web.

But sometimes you need something a little bit more personal - what if you want to share something with just one person, and you want to make sure they personally receive the information?

Enter Facebook Send. You'll see it cropping up around the web very shortly, on its own or right next to our old friend 'Like'. Click Like to tell everyone you think 12 cupcakes for just $12 is a bargain, then hit Send to make sure your cake-loving Auntie Beryl gets the link in her inbox.

It's super easy to integrate - in fact, if you've already got Like buttons on your website, just add the attribute send=true to your existing Like button code and ta-da -- your like buttons now include Send functionality.

You can generate a Like/Send combo widget using the Like button generator.