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Jeff's sites of the week - 04

Jeff Huang Team : Web Design

Hello Monday


I’ve been following Hello Monday for over 5 years, and they just won’s Agency of the year.  Their new site has a  multiple layered background which plays using CSS3 transform (Matix3d), the result creates a subtle parallax.  The talking hipster cat plays a very interesting role, too. The navigation and structure is well planned, and those subtle interactions just make the site awesome!


The DNA project


Made by Hello Monday, which won’s Site of the Month for December. Grammy-nominated producer and music innovator, J.viewz, aesthetically pleasuring site is an online journal documenting every step that goes into the making of an album. The lines of the DNA were built with Three.js.


I Remenber


Another site built with Three.js. I Remember, is a great project about how Alzheimer’s disease impacts the brain.




Bloomberg has the most insane look among the more established sites, for a finance site, it’s mad!  It might just start a whole new design debate.





Their new site is simply beautiful and shows that they know well, the art of creating an attractive and unique online store.