Is your Website ready for Mum 2.0?

Between 2009 and 2011 Mums in the US have almost tripled their mobile internet usage from 22% to 62%. Take a look at this graphic from eMarketer.


 As everyone knows, mums multitask way more than anyone else out there and are now more likely to own a smartphone than the general public. This means they are mobile browsing while going about their everyday chores.

With their mobile phones mums are basically ordering dinner, checking out latest price drops from their groceries stores, receiving coupons via e-mail as well as Facebooking other mums about their day and they are doing all of this while taking their kids around for their daily activities.

However, mums don’t just want you to make a few tweaks to your website so it’s easier to access from their phone, they want apps. Apps that will not only tell them discounts, or easier ways to make/do their many activities but most importantly (in the currently economic climate), lower their costs.

Anything from an app that would tell them where to take their kids for a fun day out at a cheap price and within easy reach of their home to an app that will tell them where they can get their petrol cheaper would be welcomed.

Moreover, apps that will reduce their clicking but at the same time give back more beneficial results would become an essential everyday part of Mum 2.0, the very same people who are likely to decide when and where a large part of a household’s income is spent.  Underestimate a mums marketing value at your own peril.