Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Featured

Introducing the product agency

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Featured

Almost 20 years ago, the “agile” methodology was introduced to the world as a new way to go about building and improving software.

And for all its complaints and detractors – often from a misunderstanding of how it works – agile has been key to the digital businesses that now rule the Internet.


And then about ten years later, the industry started talking about “product” and product management. Broadly defined, though really meaning to have a sensible approach to make sensible decisions driven by data.

And wow, did this discipline focus the industry.

Digital businesses were – and are – ever increasingly confident in digital success: rapidly launching new digital products and then rapidly and continuously improving them to achieve success and growth.

Tick, tick.

Though not for everybody unfortunately.

Because, despite lots of effort and plenty of talk, the traditional delivery model of many digital agencies hasn’t evolved and digital success remains an elusive factor for many traditional businesses.

The traditional delivery model asks the wrong things of both digital agencies and their clients. It is a flawed model that focuses both teams on the wrong things.

And it often leads to anguish and project failure.

Our friends and founder launched the Product Agency in 2020 though really it has been years in the making.

At our core, we borrow from years and years of experience on both agency and client-side, understanding precisely what works, what doesn’t and then, why it doesn’t work.

This has led to a model that takes the execution and delivery capabilities of traditional digital agencies together with the principles of excellent product management. A model that carves out the necessary capabilities within our clients to ensure the right things are being asked at the right times.

The right focuses at the right times.

What does it deliver you ask?

  • It sees results rapidly.
  • It focuses on the bigger picture.
  • It sees continuous improvement.
  • It sees greater efficiency.

We are excited to see where the product agency goes, and where we may be able to go together.

Here is to the next generation of how agencies and their clients work together to successfully build, successful product!

Wiliam continues to focus on quality of execution

There are many roles to play in the delivery of good digital product. We at Wiliam have focused on quality of execution to get us into a place that we are proud of. We work hard to understand the needs of our clients and translate those into quality digital change.

We embrace the product way of thinking but we focus on our role in the value chain.

We will be working close with our friends at the product agency to deliver holistic change for our clients where we need to help more broadly across the value chain. This will enable us to help more, whilst remaining laser focused on the quality of execution that we have worked hard to achieve.