If You Want To Be Famous Just Use Youtube

Who needs Idol or Australia’s Got Talent when in this day and age anybody can become an instant celebrity thanks to Youtube. Time and time again Youtube has created a gateway for many aspiring singers, comedians, actors or just plain weirdos to be noticed by its millions of viewers in order to live out their five seconds of fame. Whether the fame only lasts a day or evolves into a career there is no doubt that you will be viewed by at least one other person across the world.

Many of these people do not always become famous for the right reasons, they are mainly scooped up by talent agents because they have proven to be entertaining. Some may say that the “the first real YouTube star”, Brooke Brodack was just a hyperactive teenager but she has gone on to have her own show and has even been described as “brilliant” by Entertainment Weekly. And who would have thought that Chris Crocker who is most well known for his youtube breakdown, where hearing of Britney Spears’s failed comeback at the 2007 MTV music awards got behind the camera with mascara smudged eyes and pleaded with the public to “leave Britney alone!” would find success as a result. Crocker who was globally ridiculed and parodied countless times has shot thru to celebritism appearing in Commercials and Comedy Shows .

Although it’s not all eccentrics and awkward entertainers getting the most attention on Youtube there has been many people with talent who have used Youtube to capture an audience when previous attempts at fame had failed. Be it that they were too young to perform in clubs and pubs like Australian band Short Stack or they were just too unattractive to be given the time of day like Andy McKee  youtube has been successful in helping them to become discovered. So whether or not you have any real talents or just love to amuse then try your luck on Youtube and if an agent doesn’t contact you straight away you can feel content every time your view counter goes up that someone out there in the world is paying attention to you.