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I love you Kogan

Natalie Ashes Team : Web Production Tags : Technology e-commerce Tips & Tricks

Nothing excites me more than an ecommerce site that just gets it. Kogan get it. It looks cheap and sometimes nasty (Chritmas banners) but it works and is seamless. I recently purchased a wireless pool remote for my Dad for Christmas and these are the things I saw along the way:

Auto complete search. 

Auto complete search

It works and is fast. It doesn't bring up content pages or anything like that. Just products. Who wants to search for FAQs or category pages anyway. No one.

The zoom on the products is just so good.

Instead of those weird hover over zoom tools that only ever show you one part of the product enlarged at a time or a pop up zoom the product zoom opens to the width of the page. Everything below it moves down and it just looks seamless. Tick.

Product Zoom

Note: the product is now sold out and it has auto filled my details into the alerts box. Yes!

Product Zoom tool


The content has been written specifically.

No "insert content here" product content. It seems as if it has been written by an actual human for a human. Amazing. 

Know when the time is right for a dip
Feeling like a dip but not sure if the pool water will be warm enough? There’s no need to trek across the garden to stick your foot in the water – just check the display in your house! Or if you happen to be at the poolside, simply look at the floating sensor for the current temperature.

Product categories have a count.

I hate it when you go to a product category and there is one product in there. Kogan show you how many products are in a category before you actually click on the category. Helpful.

 Product count

You estimate delivery before you're in the checkout.

Estimater delivery


(I like it how the copy implies it will estimate the delivery time as well. It doesn't, it just price but it makes you want to fill it in)

The checkout page is just awesome.

It remembers your address and makes it look like a google map. The credit card section is a dropdown and is neat. It kind of "pops" at you rather than a page load. It can remember your credit card. Its clean. Its neat. I like it.

Checkout page
The confirmation email has upsells.

Everyone opens confirmation emails!

Upsell in cofirmation emails

It tells me when my item is due for delivery.

And it was right!

One day after buying it sent me an email.


These guys do everything that we know we SHOULD do but don't. They have actually followed through and done a bloody good job at it. Merry Christmas Dad!