Peter Nguyen Team : Web Development

How to migrate Umbraco structural changes across environments using uSync

Peter Nguyen Team : Web Development

A very common problem that Umbraco developers face is migrating Umbraco changes between environments – what happens when you create various document types on your local development environment, and need to replicate those changes to Production?

Most developers would go into the effort of manually duplicating those changes - which is a very long, time consuming manual task – which also means prone to human errors.

A developer has created an extremely handy package that lets you automate this process entirely! It’s called uSync ( and it automatically detects changes to Umbraco structure upon application start-up and writes the changes to disk.

Behind the scenes, it generates XML files for all Data Types, Document Types, Media Types and other structural items (full list is available on the project page) and saves it in a configurable folder within your  Umbraco installation.

When the application is deployed across, it reads those changes off disk and syncs it across the Umbraco database. How neat!

Check it out: uSync (