How The Web Will Look In 2012

As we come to the end of another year of amazing internet advancements we cast our eyes forward to what the web of 2012 might look like.

Mobile Websites Become Essential

I’ve said it before (in Why Your Business Must Be On The Mobile Web) and I will say it again, mobile web development will be huge in 2012. In the last year mobile browsing has doubled and that exponential growth will continue. By 2013 more people will be accessing your website from a mobile than a PC. Will your business be ready?

Websites Become Landing Pages

With fears of an economic slowdown carrying through into 2012 the overwhelming advice to businesses is to carry on marketing. For your business to survive in a slowdown you need new leads and if your website is not generating leads then it is a wasted opportunity.

In 2012 websites will trim the fat. Homepages will become more like landing pages, attempting to convert more visitors into customers than ever before. Current conversion rates sit as low as 2% (CMS Wire) so sharpening your online sales funnel has the potential to offer a great return on investment.

Tablets Become Commonplace

The introduction of the iPad less than 2 years ago saw a new era of technology reach the general public. Tablet market share will continue to grow in 2012 and is expected to surpass the desktop computer by 2013.

With mobile and tablet browsing set to rise, responsive web design will see increased popularity. Opinion is still divided as to whether having one adaptable website for all platforms is feasible. The optimal solution is yet unknown but developing a responsive website for desktop and tablet browsing while maintaining a separate portal for mobile users will account for the vastly different goals of a mobile web user (Mobile UX Guidelines).

Have a happy and prosperous 2012. Here’s hoping the Web Bot’s predictions are wrong!