Knowing how far your customers will go to qualify for free shipping delivers

Everyone knows that free shipping works well as a sales driver, but the degree which shoppers will go to be eligible is quite remarkable.

58% of customers have added extra items to their shopping basket in order to qualify for free delivery a UPS study shows.

The survey also finding that four in five consumers see free shipping as an important factor when shopping online.


These stats show that most people, myself included, are prepared to spend more in order to reach the threshold for free delivery.  Value for money, right?

And it appears all Australian online stores have already worked out the benefits of a threshold over unlimited free shipping, as I was unable to find any Australian online stores that offer free delivery without any minimum spending.


Even ASOS, up until recently always free, has added a threshold, to mine and a colleague’s great surprise.

Although it is only $30, I am sure it would be contributing to their overall gross revenue making people fill up their baskets to the $30 brink.

After trying to buy a $27.45 skirt, I was told that I would be charged $5 for standard deliver or $10 for express delivery. Although it is clearly stated at the bottom, a calculation telling me that I needed to spend only $2.55 to qualify for free shipping would have been encouragement to keep on shopping.

However, being the saver I am I decided to throw a bracelet in there in order to reach the threshold.

I was spending almost $10 more but bargain shopper mathematics only made me think that I had spent $4 for this amazing bracelet, literally over half the price. And what’s that? I get FREE SHIPPPING now!

I’m a winner, ASOS is a winner, and everyone is happy. 


But the real trick here is that ASOS is trying to get people to become part of their Premier Club, a yearly payment of $38.98 for unlimeted EXPRESS shipping, not just standard, but express! As this is still $10 even when you’ve reached the $30 threshold. 


After receiving the bracelet and never wearing it, next time I shop at ASOS and find another cute skirt on clearence I will most likely opt to join their Preier Club. This way I will get it fast, in time for the weekend and never have to worry about filling that basket all the way up again. 

Pharmacy Direct

The threshold for free shipping is $100, which very much on the high side, but the reminder to stock up on more items for free shipping is great idea.  

And unlike the example above, their calculations encourage you to keep shopping before hitting the check-out page.




The Iconic

There are a lot of different delivery options on this site and I must say, most made me feel like I was getting free shipping almost up until the end as the word is splashed around on every page.


Their affordable, overnight free shipping threshold of $50 is satisfactory enough. However, the incredibly speedy 3 hour delivery option is definitely a temptation to hit that $99 threshold. Because why wouldn’t I also buy some new shoes to match my new dress and have an entire new outfit that I can wear tomorrow!? And did I mention, no delivery fee!



David Jones

We are clearly told on the home page that to qualify for free delivery there is a $50 threshold on the David Jones website. 


But, they fail to remind me of this again as I am shopping even when my item is under $50. There is nowhere on this page that tells me to spend more to fall into that glorious free shipping threshold. 

However, DJs saves face once you get to the final checkout and are not only prompted and given a calculation, but also given an item recommendation to fill up your basket and get that free shipping.

With delivery costing $10, why wouldn’t I chuck a candle in there for only $10! Bargain shopper mathematics, remember.