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Google reveals 220% surge in mobile shopping queries

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Tags : Mobile Web

Google Australia has found that as of November 2011, there has been a 220% increase in retail queries via mobile. This equates to 25% of Christmas-related shopping enquiries coming from a smartphone, a phenomenon when you consider that only a few years ago, the mobile web was only fringe conversation among web developers.

According to Google, more than half of Australian adults will own a smartphone.

Developing a mobile website is no more difficult than developing a normal website.

In fact, it is usually easier because there is less screen real-estate to design for and most likely, the code, logic and data for the mobile website already exist in your traditional website.

You don’t have to go the whole distance of allowing users to purchase through their phones, though there are some quick and beneficial wins any retailer and frankly, any business should consider:

  • Contact details including a store finder where relevant. 
  • Map and directions, linking to Google Maps.
  • A list of the different deals and offers currently available.
  • A price-match service where customers can request your best price on a product.
  • Links to customer-service. 

We’re seeing between 7% - 15% mobile access to our client websites, across the board.

Some of our high-profile websites are buttressing 20% at times.

Even if you are the world’s most conservative law firm, your clients are in the back of the cab trying to find your street address. Why upset them?