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Google Analytics learning resources

Guy MacArthur Team : Web Development Tags : Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must have tool for most online businesses. It’s really a no-brainer, you need it. However, outside of word of mouth, a random blog article and just clicking around the GA interface, it can be frustrating trying to learn how to use it properly. Well not anymore …

Top 3 resources for learning Google Analytics

In the number 1 spot, with a bullet - udemy

Udemy is an amazing online resource, which lets you learn at your own pace. With over 22,000 courses in their catalogue, many of which are free or low cost, if you want to learn something online, they’ve probably got something for you.

Check out udemy’s Google Analytics course offerings.

Go to the source - Google’s Analytics Academy

Google hosts a site to help you learn Google Analytics using online courses and a resource centre to point you to more Google sites and services where you can learn more.

The courses are delivered mostly via YouTube videos, though you can opt for text formats, and there are also quizzes to take. It’s a great service from Google, and it’s free!

For more info, go to Google’s Analytics Academy.

Go back to school - University of Sydney’s Google Analytics Course

For those of you who like to learn in a more formal setting, the University of Sydney’s Centre for Continuing Education offers a one day course, from 9am to 5pm at this time, that gives you hands-on training allowing you to use your own Google Analytics account to work on.

It’s currently priced at around $400 per attendee, however, for the amount of topics covered and hands-on relevant training with a professional instructor to bombard with any and every question that comes to mind … I’d say that’s money well spent.

For a great summary of what’s offered in the course, and the dates offered, hop on over to University of Sydney’s Google Analytics Course.