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Get ready Australian economy: digital is going to rough up a few thing

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Tags : Online Trends

I was with a colleague down in Melbourne a few weeks back, driving to the airport.

My colleague sits on the boards of a number of substantial and leading Internet businesses and websites and so he is certainly in the position to assess the state of digital in Australia.

We both whole-heartedly agreed that there was indeed a ‘digital economy’ in Australia.

Moreover, that it was growing and thriving.

And to think it has only taken 15 or so years; coincidentally, the exact period of time I have been slugging it out with clients, trying to show them the light at the end of what has been a very long – albeit exciting – tunnel. 


And Deloitte’s have affirmed it

According to a report published earlier this week, digital is set to seriously rain down on the parades of many Australian industries, with wide-spread change, both good and bad.

The report found that 32 per cent of the Australian economy would experience changes greater than 15 per cent in their respective industries as a result of digital.

These changes in an industry looked at factors such as industry revenue and costs.

The biggest industries to be affected will be retail, media, communications and finance, with a staggering shift of over 35 per cent in the respective metrics in these industries.

The professional services and real estate industries will not be far behind; ditto education, health and transport, albeit at a slightly slower pace of change.

The article concluded that the shift – and impact of digital – would ultimately be positive for the Australian economy.

Something I’ve been saying for 15 years!