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Generating Design Ideas

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It is so difficult for a designer to view a completed project 2 months down the track. We often question our judgements; things that seemed sufficient or good enough with the limited time/budget/resources now look dated and generic. We can fall into the trap of keeping to a formula while churning through design after design so we can meet our targets. We can end up on autopilot. This lack of forethought becomes evident to us as we reflect back, and we cringe!


Up until recently, I thought drawing ideas first was a waste of time. Instead I tended to jump straight into Photoshop and push things around until they looked pleasing to the eye. Lately, after a very busy year where I've churned through design after design, I’ve started to struggle to generate fresh ideas while siting and staring at a blank psd and a wireframe that makes no sense to me.


I have begun to jot down ideas as they come to me and let the ideas form organically to me rather than chase them. It has made a massive difference. Although this is definitely not a new way of working, it's often neglected as we scramble to produce work on time. Sitting on an idea and letting it develop is a luxury not everyone can afford to experiment with, however if the opportunity comes up and the project allows, then it's a great way to design something you definitely won’t cringe at 2 months down the line.

Things that can help

  1. Getting away for a long weekend, nothing better to free you from the automatic loop you are stuck in  
  2. No TV, it's amazing how mind numbing it can be
  3. Pen and note book..everywhere..always