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Games in Twitter

Robert Beerworth Team : Web Strategy Tags : Online Marketing

We’re in the process of scoping some different games and applications for a large, media client.

Unsurprisingly, the client wants to see Twitter play a role; Twitter encourages genuine engagement, participation and discussion by users, Twitter is real-time and Twitter is inexpensive to implement.

From my client’s own industry – the ABC’s TV show, Q&A – is an excellent case study in how Twitter can be utilised and integrated with a TV Show: Q&A has a very active, passionate and most importantly, captive, online audience.

In doing some research for my client, I came across a good blog post - - outlining how Twitter can be used as a simple games platform. With some additional development, the scores of participating users can even kept to really turn the exercise into a competition.

Twitter goes a lot further than merely following your dishwashing detergent. It can provide an effective and inexpensive platform through which to capture and motivate an audience.