Gadget Guy TV Launches, Online Video Advertising On The Rise

Last week Wiliam Web Design and the Gadget Guy launched Gadget Guy TV, featuring a comprehensive archive of all appearances of the Gadget Guy and special online only videos this website is an example of the growing trend of online videos and online video advertising.

eMarketer recently revealed their prediction that by 2008 50% of the US population will be viewing online video on a regular basis. In consideration of the continual improvements in Australia’s broadband network, it wouldn’t be long before a similar trend will appear in Australia.

This leads to Gadget Guy TV, directed at the tech savvy mums and dads of Australia, Gadget Guy (Peter Blasina) regularly reviews the latest gizmos and gadgets. The decision to launch Gadget Guy TV is based the promising outlook of increases in the Australian population accepting online videos.

Particularly, marketers advertising online videos have the opportunity to target consumers emotionally along with global reach similar to traditional media mediums such as TV. However, the additional benefits of metrics enable marketers to measure and monitor the success of their marketing campaigns.

Although online videos and online video advertising is still in its early phases, there is a growing trend particularly in larger brands who are being early adopters of the medium. The Gadget Guy TV is really the start of many more online video websites.