Future of Social Media and eCommerce

With more and more Internet users spending the majority of their time on social networking sites, e-commerce providers are looking for ways to integrate this into their own sites. E-Commerce sites are by the far the most popular sites on the internet with the latest figures out of the US indicating Amazon reached its first $10 billion dollar quarter. Enter Facebook. The largest social networking site on the internet. Is there a possible union between the two?

Meetings are currently underway between Facebook and online retailers in allowing pages to be available for e-commerce stores to sell their wares within Facebooks domain. Retailers can already now create their own Facebook page that can drive customers to their e-commerce site for free. A form of free advertising. You can leverage the large customer base of Facebook to promote the products you are selling. So how would integrating an e-commerce store into Facebook work and who would profit the most. It would be like taking eBay and adding social networking to it. The main company to gain you would say would be the power that is Facebook. A small cut from each sale would put a handsome amount into the Social Networking Giants pockets.

That aside, what it can do is allow small business and webmasters to harness the already available power of social networking, with the ability to sell to a much larger customer base. This is great news for small business who will feel like they are now able to  take advantage of the same services that the big players on the market currently have. If you’re interested in becoming a part of the world of social networking and making a few bucks for going through the trouble of doing so, the future promises new ways for you to do just that.